Hello everyone!
Recently I’ve been getting messages and emails asking roughly about the same topic. What do I need to do to lose weight? What should I be eating? How much should I be eating? Is there a magic food or pill that will help?
Here is what I can tell you. Losing weight is never easy. But do not let that discourage you! The first thing I go over with all my clients is their eating habits. When are you eating? How frequently? How much are your portions and how do you feel after you eat? Sometimes people forget the multiple, small snacks they have throughout the day which in the long run can add up the calories quickly. I like to have them write down everything they eat and drink for about 7 days. On the eighth day they come in and usually the answer is right there in front of them to see.
All those late night snacks and stress eating adds up right in front of your eyes when you keep track. You can now identify what you need to cut out to reach your goal.  If you are always tired after you eat or feel sluggish chances are there wasn’t any nutrients fueling your body. Those are the foods you want to stay away from. If you have to check the label to see what’s in it, STAY AWAY.
When you eat clean (fruits, vegetables, nothing fried, lean proteins, etc…)

  • You will feel better, physically and mentally.

  • You will have more energy. You will lose weight.

  • You will be happier.  

Remember: FOOD SERVES A VERY FUNCTIONAL PURPOSE. It’s not here just for taste, although most people see taste as the sole point. Many of us, me included, grew up eating nothing but junk food and never knowing or worrying about nutrition. The lack of knowledge of what people are consuming in their bodies is why there are so many overweight people today. The food industry hasn’t helped, look at what’s out there – fast food, junk food, processed food, it’s no wonder so many people have a hard time with their weight. If it’s fast and convenient most likely it is packed with things you shouldn’t be consuming. I like to think if it grows from the ground, needs sunlight and water to grow = Eat it! As often as you want.
Listen to your body. Eat to satisfy not over indulge and stuff yourself. Eat healthy, be healthy. Plan meals ahead of time. If you are someone who is always on the go, cook your meals ahead of time.  It may take a little longer to prepare but you know exactly what you’re eating and you know how much you will eat. Leaving you no questions about what lunch or dinner will be. You have a complete nutritious meal ready whenever it’s needed. I know that having healthy meals handy makes it a lot easier to fight temptations and get necessary nutrients. If you were to look inside my fridge you would find containers filled with chicken or ground turkey, broccoli, and half a sweet potato. No room for error.  If you are one who really can’t fight temptation, go through your kitchen and get rid of ALL the sweets and junk food. It will help you out in the long run especially in the beginning of your fitness journey. The beginning is always the hardest. If you push through your body will thank you. You will see the results you’ve worked so hard for. If you don’t change your eating habits your body will show just that. If you have trouble with snacking, cut up some celery or apples. I will also boil eggs in bulk ahead of time and have a whole egg and some egg whites as well.
I hope you find these tips helpful.
We only have one body in this lifetime, take care of it :)!
BONUS: My favorite before bed snack: Protein pudding –  1 box of 0 sugar chocolate pudding, fat free milk or water and one scoop of chocolate protein. Supper yummy and not so bad on the waistline.
If you have any questions or comments please leave a reply!

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