Let’s Get Moving! – Children Edition
By Giovanni Acevedo

We all know a small human or two in our lives. Be it your own children, a sibling, cousin, niece nephew and the list goes on. We care about them. We nurture them. We want the best for them. But we have to keep our children active and fit if we want a brighter future for them. According to stateofobesity.org, childhood obesity has remained at around 17% for the last decade. Now this might not seem like a high number but we have to remember that there are around 74.2 million children under the age of 18 in the United States alone. Do the math. It adds up…to many unnecessary pounds and many unnecessary problems in their future.

​Apart from the ever growing health problems that they will have in their young age, a child who is obese will most likely remain obese into adulthood as well. Some of the associated health factors include high blood pressure, breathing problems and possible increased risk of diabetes just to name a few.

There is hope! We don’t have to sit idly by and let them slip into a lifestyle that will harm them in the long run. There are plenty of easy ways to get off the couch, off the tablet, off a screen in order to get active. We could start by implying a time limit on any electronic device which should curb sluggish behavior in our youth. Below is a list compiled to give ideas and inspiration for parents, uncles, aunts, concerned elders for our young children to exercise and have a better future.

  1. Taking them to the nearest park to play

  2. Go for a walk around the neighborhood

  3. If you have pets (dog for example) take them for a walk

  4. Step into your backyard to play catch, tag or hide and seek

  5. Go for a bike ride

  6. Turn chores into a fun game – like picking up their toys using music as a red light/green light type game

  7. Playing hopscotch

  8. Hallway Bowling – fill bottles up (water)

  9. Popcorn pushups  – Put a small bowl of popcorn on the floor and do a push up. When in the down position stick your tongue out and repeat. A great example here.

  10. Get an inflatable punching bag and let them go to town!​

If you guys have any questions/suggestions just reply! Thank you for reading!

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